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Meet the Cast

Carolyn Yuen Marino -- Cici Yuen

Cici is a 1st year high school English teacher and aspiring social media influencer… or something. She doesn’t know what she wants, but she just knows she wants more out of life.

Yeji Kim Sakoda -- Yoona Kang

Yoona is Cici’s best friend from college at the University of Washington. Yoona’s parents are 1st generation Korean-Americans immigrants who’ve “made it”. They put a lot of pressure on her to be successful, and she knows how to play the part, at least in public.
Becca Cheung -- Robin Chan

Robin is Cici’s childhood best friend. She’s born to wealthy 2nd generation Chinese American parents, and she’s a free-spirited socialite who does whatever she wants on whim, which gets her into a whole lot of… interesting situations.
NoyNoy Inthaphanya -- Noy Inchareon

Noy is friends with Cici and Yoona from UW. She’s a hustler with three jobs, and she’s coming into her own sexuality while navigating a tricky secret crush.

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